Senior of the Month



 Maia Gibbs

We are proud to announce Maia Gibbs as the May Senior of the Month.  Throughout her years at Schaumburg High School, Maia has proven to be a leader both in the classroom and out. She has maintained a high academic standing despite the time that she devotes to many outside activities.  Maia’s hard work, coupled with her willingness to help others, has distinguished her as a worthy recipient of this recognition.

In the classroom, Maia’s success has been extraordinary in its scope.  She has achieved high marks in many fields, and constantly challenges herself in a variety of subjects. Her success has spanned diverse academic fields, which is a testament to her hard work and drive to succeed. Maia is a member of the National Honor Society, and her selection to this group is a testament to her teachers’ respect for her success.

Outside of the classroom, Maia employs her talents to help others. As a member for the Volleyball Team, she is recognized for her skills as an athlete as well as her leadership capabilities.  In fact, some of her happiest memories in high school are from her time in the program. In addition, she is an active member of several student groups and devotes significant time to her faith community, where she works with younger children.

On the personal level, Maia’s enthusiasm for life and sheer kindness have earned for her the admiration of her peers. She has embraced her high school years with enthusiasm, and is truly a leader among the student body. In fact, three of her four years she received awards connected to positive attitude and hard work in volleyball.

Maia Gibbs is truly an extraordinary person who contributes positively and selflessly in any situation she encounters.  She shines in her academic performance, and she freely shares her gifts with others. Maia is a kind and talented individual, ably qualifying her to be May Senior of the Month.