Letter D

uring the 2013-2014 school year, Schaumburg High School implemented a privilege based system. When students demonstrate appropriate behavior and academic success, they create the opportunity to earn privileges. As students advance through Schaumburg High School, they may earn specific privileges through the Privilege Option Program.

Examples of potentially earned privileges include, but are not limited to, unscheduled time, off-campus opportunities, parking passes, and permission to attend dances, social events, and athletic events. Failure to demonstrate appropriate behavior, follow school rules, or meet academic criteria may result in loss of privileges and/or assigned time in the Loss of Privilege Room (LOP). There are certain criteria that students need to meet in order to earn privileges.

Goals associated with the privilege based system: (1) to increase academic success. By increasing time spent in structured academic settings such as a study hall and/or Saxon Academic Center, students will have additional academic remediation opportunities. (2) To provide students with the opportunity to gain a deeper understanding of our school culture and climate: WE ARE SHS! This will be done through increased contact with staff and exposure to our Saxon PRIDE program. (3) to provide additional structure for incoming freshmen in order to create a more successful transition from Junior High School.

Privilege Option Program

The Privilege Option Program at Schaumburg High School exists to give students a variety of choices as to how they use their study hall and lunch periods. With this freedom, comes responsibility. Students must demonstrate academic achievement and mature use of the privileges.

To earn privileges, each student must:  hit minimum Target Score on respective EPAS test, earn a 2.0 or better semester GPA, have 5 or fewer absences per class, have 5 or fewer referrals cumulative and have 0 suspensions (ISS or OSS).

Students who show a lack of general responsibility will be placed in LOP for up to 6 weeks. Freshmen are only eligible for the Privilege Option Program during their lunch periods. The options for freshmen include The Saxon Academic Center, the media center, and cafeteria. Sophomore privileges include an option for free period, free travel without a pass to the library, media center, SAC lab and test make-up and also access to Exit 2 outside. Juniors and seniors will have the additional option such as showcase hallway, off campus, and parking passes with the proper identification.

 Loss of Privilege Room

Students will be assigned an LOP when they:

  1. Violate the Behavioral Expectations of POP.
  2. Violate Academic Expectations of SHS.
  3. Violate Off-Campus Program rules. 
  4. Demonstrate inappropriate behavior in the cafeteria or hallways.

Privilege Option Program Violations

Students who violate the Privilege Option Program will be assigned to the Loss of Privilege Room. Students assigned to the (LOP) during lunch periods report to the room during the first half of the period (4a, 5a, 6a). Students assigned during 7th-period lunch will report to (LOP) room the last half of the period (7b).