The V.I.P. Parent Boosters

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Be part of the VIP and support the SHS community!

What is a V.I.P.? A Very Interested Parent.

What does the V.I.P. Club do? The main objectives are:

  • To support any high school activity approved by the staff of SHS in a manner agreeable to them, but in no way interfering with school policy.
  • To boost the attendance and participation in all activities of SHS.
  • To promote good sportsmanship on the part of the participants as well as the spectators of all activities.
  • To bring the home and school into closer relationship, and to develop between educator and the general public, such united efforts as will secure for every child the highest advantages in physical mental and social education.
  • To provide funding for academic and extra-curricular programs, as well as award students’ scholarships annually.

Join the V.I.P.

The VIP Club host a variety of events throughout the year such as the VIP Arts & Craft Fair, Trivia Game Night, Prom Fashion Show, Post Prom, and concession stand.

To become a VIP, please fill out the  VIP Membership Application and mail back the bottom portion with the appropriate payment for the type of membership chosen. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at