New Cell Phone Information for Parents

It is our goal as administrators and teachers to create a learning environment that is distraction-free and supportive of your child’s opportunity to learn and grow. As technology becomes integrated into all forms of communication, we as a staff feel that it is a shared responsibility to help foster a greater sense of digital citizenship. Student use of cell phones in the building during class time has become an issue. Our Saxon Solutions Committee, made up of 30 educators, has developed a cell phone classroom rule to help decrease these distractions during classroom instruction. It is our hope to partner with you in this endeavor in order to maximize your child’s opportunity to succeed within the classroom environment. The procedures in the classroom are meant to provide students with a clear understanding of when they are authorized to use their cell phones and when they are not authorized to use their cell phones. This classroom initiative adheres to our current District 211 Board of Education Policy. The policy can be found on page 6 of our School Calendar Handbook.