Writing Resources

  • TEEL-Con is a paragraphing format widely accepted at SHS, but also in many other schools.  The format provides a framework for students to present supporting evidence that links back to a topic sentence.
  • See the TEEL-Con page for more information and resources.
  • The ECRA/ACT writing rubric is used as part of the District 211 writing assessment in order to measure juniors’ writing proficiency.  The rubric reflects much of the ACT Writing guidelines.  The junior writing assessment acts as a strong indicator of how students will perform on the timed writing section of the ACT.
  • The English department expects that students submit papers according to Modern Language Association’s (MLA) formatting guidelines.  The MLA handbook is a great resource.  Check out the Purdue’s Online Writing Lab (OWL) for free, online guidance on writing papers in MLA format.


  • Coming Soon:
  • Common grading / writing markup