Schaumburg High School offers many curricular opportunities to students and we encourage students to take advantage of these opportunities during their high school career. We value the uniqueness of every student. That is why we offer an array of curricular choices that help students discover and develop their talents, skills, and interests.

Beginning in January of each year, counselors and teachers assist students in the selection of courses for the following year. Parents are encouraged to contact their student’s counselor to assist in this process. A list of courses selected by the student is made available for review and approval in late February. In addition to offering courses that meet high school graduation requirements, most departments offer elective courses that, if taken, assist a student with college admission requirements or other post-secondary academic preparation.

Student grades are reported on a nine-week basis and by semesters. Each semester is made up of two, nine-week periods. Parents may be informed of their student’s progress at the midterm of a nine-week period. Students may receive midterm reports if the teacher wishes to make a special comment or if they are failing, possibly failing, or incomplete. Additionally, all parents may view the status of their students in classes by using the Infinite Campus Parent Portal.

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