Sports Medicine

Schaumburg High School provides 3 full-time athletic trainers for each athletic season (fall, winter, spring).

Athletic Trainers


Michael DeVries, M.Ed, ATC
Head Athletic Trainer
Lisa Porters, ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer
Stefanie Moranski, ATC
Certified Athletic Trainer

Schaumburg Athletic Trainers (From left to right): Stefanie Moranski, Lisa Porters, Mike DeVries

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Sports Medicine Affiliates

BOS  Athletico

Athletic Training Procedures

Physician Notes
We strive to provide the highest quality of care for our student-athletes. In doing so we often work alongside doctors and other healthcare professionals. If your son/daughter has seen a physician for an injury, we require a note from that physician before the athlete can be cleared to participate in athletics. If they do not have a note, they will not be allowed to participate. This communication is necessary to ensure that athletes are protected from further injury and also improves our ability to provide rehabilitative care.


Healthy Athletes




Muscle Mobility

Mobility can be described as the body’s ability to move. Mobilization is a tool(s) used to address any deficits in movement or performance.  Below are exercises that can improve mobility in areas of the body that are commonly affected by tight muscles or other soft tissue restrictions.

Core Stability
As an athlete it is essential to have a strong CORE. Having a strong CORE decreases injury risk, improves body mechanics, and provides a solid foundation for athletes to build strength.

Knee Injury Prevention Program (Children’s Memorial Hospital Institute for Sports Medicine)


Sports Medicine Club

SMC students for winter 2016-2017

SMC students for spring 2016-2017

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